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The history of computer games I'll start with the entertainment staff at the CRT (Cathode ray tube amusement device) - is considered the earliest known interactive electronic games, was a harbinger of video game simulates flight control rockets built on analog elements. Americans have created Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Astley Ray Mann in 1947.

The very device uses analog circuit for controlling cathode-ray tube and forming an image on the screen, you imagine yourself no digital processor without which we can not imagine modern game. The device is similar to the first radars used for aiming and screen overlays.


This was the beginning. Further development of computer games played by leaps and bounds. First there was a lot of paper projects, including chess algorithm Alan Turing and David Champernau. A major problem was the speed of computers.

First Computer program can weigh a priori, published in December 1952, Noughts And Crosses, was the realization that the game Noughts and Crosses. Developer A.S.Duhlas.


Description of the game may take days, but rather months. I'll try to invest in a few paragraphs. This version of the world famous casual game based on modern dvizhku and lets you play random amount of time as a few minutes or hours. The game starts in 1999. This is a classic first-person shooter.


The PC is quite popular games that do not require installation - need only a browser and perhaps some applications. Such games are on the site. Until not long ago mobile users have been deprived of this opportunity. They were required to install the game, and then play. Not always game and enjoy it removed. This creates an inconvenience. This lack deprived games in the browser. A few minutes and you already know what to do - continue to play or go to another. The development of HTML5 allows you to create high-quality games that run on an arbitrary device. This standard supports all major platforms. HTML5 nahodytsya the beginning of his long journey and every day improves, new games.